B2B Monthly Subscription
125,00€ - 1.099,00€

The easiest way to have Syra Coffee at your office. Get your favourite coffee, shipped right to your office door.

Our B2B coffee subscription service is a way of receiving good coffee monthly without having to think about it. You´ll get the same seasonal espresso used at our coffee shops which we select and roast with extreme care. 

Why should I get Syra Coffee for my workplace? 

Workplaces are where mass amounts of coffee are consumed everyday. One of the ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your business would be replacing mass produced coffee by specialty coffee, which is harvested in harmony with the environment. 

At Syra Coffee we only source specialty coffee from small farmers or cooperatives, making our coffee traceable and much more sustainable than commercial coffee. We are part of a new value chain between growers, roasters, and customers and are looking to incorporate more businesses to get involved in this respectful collaboration.

Our coffee isn't only sustainable, but unique and delicious which will make your team’s mornings better, leading to a happier workplace! 

You can always upgrade, pause, or cancel your plan by contacting us at info@syra.coffee. 


* All prices are VAT inclusive.

* Coffee only available in whole beans.

* Coffee machine not provided with this service. You don't have a coffee station machine? We've teamed up with Jura to provide the best office coffee solution. Contact us at info@syra.coffee.

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