Keramo Village

A very unique, rich and complex flavor profile.

Ehtiopia / Washed

Produced by more than 1,500 individual farmers, at an altitude of 2260-2360 masl, making it one of the highest in the world and the highest we've ever sold!

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The Keramo Village Coffee

A High-Altitude Specialty Coffee from Ethiopia

What makes it special?

Keramo Village coffee is special for many reasons. Firstly, it is produced by individual farmers from the Sidama region of Ethiopia, who take great care in selecting only the ripest coffee cherries. This results in exceptional quality and flavor. Additionally, Keramo coffee is grown at elevations ranging from 2260-2360 meters above sea level, making it one of the highest elevation coffees we have ever sold at Syra. Finally, the coffee is produced by the Daye Bensa cooperative, which supports over 1500 small farmers and ensures sustainable and high-quality coffee production.

Tasting profile.

Keramo has a unique and complex flavor profile that is characterized by tea-like acidity, a hint of ripe stone fruits, and a subtle floral aroma. Its cupping notes also reveal a touch of Ruda, an herb widely used in Ethiopia that adds a pleasant blossomy quality to the coffee.

Impact of height on coffee quality

The high altitude, combined with the unique climate, causes a slow maturation of the cherries, resulting in smaller, denser beans that later become an exceptional coffee with a very interesting profile.

The Daye Bensa Cooperative

Daye Bensa is a cooperative of small farmers from the Bombe mountains in Ethiopia. They support over 2500 farmers and hold certifications for sustainable and high-quality coffee production. By buying this coffee, you contribute to the livelihoods of small farmers while enjoying exceptional coffee.

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Single-origin Specialty Coffee

Sustainable specialty coffee for producers and the environment.

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We look at coffee as an essential daily ritual rather than a convenient caffeine buzz, and it’s very important for the ritual to be practiced well.

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