How to brew a V60
How to brew a V60

V60 is one of our favorites method to brew at home. Designed and produced by Hario in Japan, the V60 dripper brings together a slow drip, a clean cup and incredible flavors impossible to achieve with fasters methods. Hario has gained popularity with its coffee-brewing equipment all over the world has a rather short history dating back to 1921 when the company was founded. Now the V60 is one of their best-seller and the simpler as effective way to make coffee.

To make the perfect V60 cup you will need:

1 V60 ● 1 grinder ● 1 scale ● 1 8 - 20 GR. of good coffee Medium-Fine Ground(you can find some here) ● 1 Kettle ● 250GR. of filtered water


Place the V60 filter paper into the cone, rinse it with hot water to get rid of the paper taste.

Boil water to an ideal temperature of 88-92°



Start your timer and slowly pour about 50GR of water onto the coffee grinds.

Ensure all grinds are saturated with water, you can help the blooming with a spoon.



At 30 seconds , start pouring the rest of the heated water until you reach 250GR with a constant and controlled motion.

Make sure you never pour directly into the outside edges of the paper.  



At the end of the pour, delicately spin the cone twice in a clock wise motion, so none of the coffee grounds will get stuck to the paper.

The whole process should finish between 2:30 and 3;00!