How to brew a moka pot
How to brew a moka pot

In 1933, Alfonso Bialetti devised the brilliant idea of the unique, original Moka Express. An excellent example of Art Deco, the Moka has a design that has been perfected over the years to make this icon an increasingly ergonomic, elegant device, while maintaining the same functional features that have made it perfect in its simplicity: the collection chamber, octagonal aluminium boiler and unique, inspectable, easy to clean valve.

To make the perfect Moka Pot you will need:

1 Moka Pot   ●  1 grinder  (or we can grind it for you!) ● Good coffee - Fine Ground (you can find some here)  ●  1 Boiler ● Filtered Water


Preheat the water. Bring your water to a boil and remove it from the heat. Grind your coffee with a fine ground. It's around 15-17 GR for a 4 cup Bialetti.  



Fill carefully the bottom part of the moka pot with the previously heated water. Water should arrive just below the inside screw.  



Place the filter basket up to the Moka Pot bottom and fill it with the previously ground coffee. Level the surface carefully with your finger or the back of a knife. Brush away the loose grounds and screw the top and bottom together.



Place the moka pot on the fire, on medium-low heat.

After the first phase of extraction, the coffee will become lighter in colour and begins to hissle, take it off the fire.