Coolx: For a deforestation-free coffee supply chain
Coolx: For a deforestation-free coffee supply chain

In today's world, the importance of sustainable practices cannot be overstated, especially as environmental concerns continue to gain prominence on the global stage.

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword for us – it's fundamental to our values. We're pleased to announce our partnership with Coolx, a company dedicated to addressing deforestation in the coffee industry. Together, we aim to promote sustainability within the coffee sector and contribute to a greener future.

Our Sustainability Commitment

Sustainability has always been a core principle for us. We are committed to sourcing our coffee in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. Our collaboration with Coolx is significant because they share our vision for a more eco-conscious world and are actively working to combat deforestation.

Through this pilot project, Coolx will utilize its technology to monitor the journey of our coffee, ensuring it remains free from any association with deforestation.



Introduction to Coolx: Promoting Sustainable Solutions

Coolx has emerged as a player in addressing the environmental challenges linked to agricultural products. Founded by Emilio Muela, Bruno Domínguez, José Antonio Sánchez, and Cristian Jiménez, Coolx aims to tackle the root issues affecting our planet.

Their mission is clear: combat deforestation associated with agricultural products and pave the way for a more sustainable future. Coolx focuses on driving change in the industry, society, and the environment through transparent and accountable actions.

Coolx works to assist companies in adhering to deforestation regulations and promoting sustainable practices. Their efforts extend to empowering consumers to make informed choices and preserving ecosystems by curbing deforestation.

Since its inception, Coolx has made significant progress, analyzing agroforestry across multiple countries and partnering with various companies to promote deforestation-free products.

A Closer Look: Our Interview with Coolx

In our insightful conversation with the Coolx team, they emphasized their focus on technology with measurable environmental and social impacts. Reflecting on their partner selection process, they stressed the importance of shared values, stating, "All the technology we develop must have a positive environmental and social impact, and above all, it must be measurable."

By addressing the selection of partners, Coolx emphasized its transparency and sustainability alignment criteria. "Syra Coffee caught our attention due to their commitment to sustainable practices and support for local communities," the team mentioned, underscoring the importance of shared values in their collaboration.

Discussing their collaboration with Syra Coffee, Coolx stressed the significance of transparency and traceability in supply chains. Furthermore, they outlined how their technology leverages satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to monitor and mitigate deforestation rates. "Our technology acts as an invisible barrier, ensuring that the coffee consumed in the European Union is free of deforestation," they explained.

Coolx identified obtaining geolocation files as a major hurdle in implementing deforestation-free supply chains. However, their technological solution automates regulations-related tasks, streamlining data management and simplifying deforestation analysis. "Our platform allows for geolocation and deforestation analysis without fieldwork," they elaborated.

Looking towards the future, Coolx shared their plans for scaling impact beyond the pilot phase with Syra Coffee. "Our technology is scalable, allowing us to analyze supply chains from any country of origin," they noted. They also expressed their commitment to expanding services to other sectors and regions, which aligns with promoting the European Union Deforestation Regulation. 



Looking Ahead: Scaling Impact and Driving Change

We're eager to explore the possibilities as we begin this journey with Coolx. Together, we're dedicated to positively impacting the coffee industry and beyond. Our collaboration aims to uphold sustainability standards, utilizing technology and innovation to contribute to a more sustainable future.

In conclusion, our partnership with Coolx represents a step forward in promoting sustainability. By working together toward a common goal, we aim to contribute to a better, more sustainable world for future generations.