Inspiration for everyone, everywhere, everyday
Inspiration for everyone, everywhere, everyday

In a world that sometimes feels complex and confusing, we often find comfort, connection, and inspiration in the simplest things - a sunrise, a shared laugh, a cup of coffee. At Syra Coffee, we believe that the feeling of inspiration should not be exclusive, rather a human experience that’s accessible to everyone, everywhere, everyday.

Our mission is not only to serve you a cup of coffee, but to democratise the essence of life that stirs within it. We aim to share a story, a feeling, a moment, and inspiration with every cup we serve. Just as the coffee bean travels from the farm to your cup, so does the inspiration that springs from its journey.

Born from the heart of Barcelona in 2015, Syra Coffee exists to make specialty coffee, and the inspiration it brews, accessible to all. We value ethics, quality, inclusiveness, and authenticity. We believe in the beauty of diversity, in the magic of shared moments, and in the transformative power of a good cup of coffee. We are committed to nurturing every link in the coffee chain, from the hands of the farmers to the cups of our customers.

Our journey begins with a docuseries, where we explore the realms of inspiration in its various forms - through the dedication of a coffee roaster, the passion of a street artist, and the discipline of a pianist. We aim to challenge conventional narratives and reveal how inspiration can be found and felt by everyone, everywhere, everyday.

Inspiration is not bound by place, time, or privilege. It's embedded in the crevices of our everyday lives, waiting to be discovered, savoured, and shared. It's in the smell of freshly roasted coffee, the touch of paint on a city wall, the sound of a piano reverberating in a quiet room.

At Syra Coffee, we see inspiration as a beautiful yet accessible human experience rather than a mystified one that should be available to all. Just like our coffee, the feeling of inspiration is a richness to be savoured, a joy to be shared, and a journey to embark upon together.

Through our journey, we aim to inspire you to see the world differently, to see the beauty in the everyday, the extraordinary in the ordinary, and the inspiration in every cup of Syra Coffee.

Because good coffee, like inspiration, should be for everyone, everywhere, everyday.

Join us on this journey. Let's democratise inspiration together. Let's make every moment count. Let's make every cup matter.

This is Syra Coffee. This is our manifesto. This is our journey to inspire.

Good coffee for everyone, everywhere, everyday.


Inspiration For Everyone:

Welcome to the heart of Syra Coffee. Today, we invite you to step into the world of our very own coffee master, Rodrigo Morerias, the Head of Coffee at Syra. You might think roasting coffee is all about precision and process, but Rodrigo is here to share the secret ingredient - inspiration.
From the small coffee farms around the world to the bustling roastery, and into the intimate spaces of our daily rituals, every coffee bean undergoes a journey of transformation. Within it lives many stories of care and dedication. As Rodrigo says, 'From the producers at the origin to the coffee roasters and the baristas who are serving it, there’s inspiration and passion in every cup of coffee'.
Imagine holding a world within your hands, a world that's warm and brimming with life, just roasted and ready to be experienced as a fresh cup of coffee. That's the magic Rodrigo experiences every day, a sensorial symphony that brings his day-to-day life into full bloom, a gift he shares with each of us through every sip.
We often seek inspiration in grand moments, forgetting that it can come to us in the simplest forms, in the most unexpected times. Lying in bed, a moment of revelation, a whiff of freshly roasted coffee. Inspiration is not exclusive, it's universal. It's not reserved for the chosen few; it's for everyone, in their own fields, in what they do, at any given time.
Let's redefine the boundaries of inspiration together. Join us in celebrating the magic of everyday moments, as we discover how it can fuel not just our imagination, but our everyday lives. Because we believe inspiration, like good coffee, is for everyone.


Inspiration Everywhere:

In this episode, we walk into the vibrant world of Antonio Obra, where inspiration knows no boundaries. This time, we follow Antonio on his exciting journey as an illustrator and graffiti artist through the streets of Barcelona - the heart of Antonio's universe and his canvas of creation, exploring how inspiration fuels his day-to-day life and his remarkable art.
Often, we perceive inspiration as a gift granted by particular circumstances, but Antonio challenges this notion. The streets, the walls, the busy corners of the city - he sees them all as blank canvases, full of potential, waiting to be brought to life.
In this episode, we're thrilled to share a special project. We commissioned Antonio to transform one of our storefronts into a vibrant, living canvas, where he paints the face of a woman farmer from the Aprocassi Cooperative in Peru, gently picking coffee cherries. This mural is a window into the journey of every coffee bean, a tribute to the people who nurture their environment and bring us the coffee we cherish each day.
As we navigate through Antonio's process, from conceptualizing and sketching to choosing the colors and creating the mural, we witness a captivating dance between inspiration and creation. One that reminds us that inspiration is not bound by time or place, nor is it something we can force. Rather, it's a state of openness, a willingness to embrace the world around us, an ability to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.
So, let's break away from the misconception that inspiration is external or exclusive to certain places. Let's embrace the belief that inspiration is within us, and it can find us anywhere, anytime, if we're open to receiving it. Because like good coffee, inspiration is for everyone, everywhere, every day.


Inspiration Everyday:

Welcome to Kyoko’s symphony of life; a pianist with over 20 years of experience. Kyoko weaves magic with her piano, her instrument that echoes stories of love, discipline, and relentless pursuit of perfection. In this episode, we embark on a transformative exploration of Kyoko's vision, unraveling the misconceptions surrounding inspiration and unveiling the profound connection between passion, commitment, and daily practice.
Kyoko's journey with the piano is a testament to the power of consistency and commitment. She took a two-decade-long pause from playing, only to find herself back on the keys, driven by the love for music that had quietly lived within her all along.

The episode is a day spent with Kyoko at her home, her world - where she sits at her piano, where her most authentic self thrives as she gracefully dances across the keys. Upon reflecting on what inspiration is and what it means, she taught us that it is not something external that visits sporadically, but a constant companion that emerges from doing what we love.
Through her practice, she has found her purpose and her inspiration. 'I don't have to be inspired every day, I just need to sit and practice every day. The feeling of inspiration comes from always wanting to get better.' This dedication, this pursuit of perfection, and this desire to improve each day allows her to live and breathe an inspiring life and practice.
So let's reframe inspiration, not as a fleeting moment of brilliance, but as a fire that burns steadily within us, fueled by love and discipline. Let's remember that inspiration isn't something we wait for - it's something we cultivate, day in and day out, through the things we love.
Because like a beautiful melody, inspiration is not something that happens to us - it's something we create.