How To Brew An Aeropress
How To Brew An Aeropress

Tired of your morning moka and wanting to discover something new? Why not trying brewing an AeroPress? The engineer Alan Adler (famous for his Aerobie Frisbee) invented the AeroPress in 2005. This portable and lightweight coffee maker is one of our favorites, and gives a rich cup of coffee, more oily, more acidic and with more body than other methods.

To make the perfect Aeropress cup you will need:

1 Aeropress   ● 1 grinder  ● 1 scale ● 1 8 - 20 GR. of good coffee Medium/Fine Ground (you can find some here)  ●  1 Kettle ● 250GR. of filtered water 


While your water is heating in the boiler, grind your coffee with a Medium - Fine ground. 

The water should be around 90ºC.



Place your filter into the plastic cap. Pre-wet your filter and cap with warm water, you can use the same water to pre-heat the cup you will use to pour your Aeropress. (This allows you to get rid of any paper flavor and warms everything up.)


Set up your Aeropress upside down for the inverted method.  Add your ground coffee and pour  50 grams of water for the pre-infusion. 

Stir for 30 secs and add the remaining water (250GR. total)4.

Place the cap  (with the filter on)  and let it brew for 1 minute.

Serve and enjoy!  



Let the coffee rest for 5 seconds between the pre-infusion and the final pour to have the perfect balance in your cup!

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