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Wilfa Uniform - Automatic Grinder

Wilfa Uniform - Automatic Grinder


Wilfa Uniform is an automatic coffee grinder developed home use, perfect for the beginners, as well as for experienced coffee enthusiasts. This grinder was made to make you enjoy possibly the best coffee every day!

Among its advantages, one can name wide grinding setting (recommended especialy for pour-over methods, however, works also for espresso), built-in scale, and precise flat burrs.


Uniform is recommended especially for pour-over methods, however, it works also for espresso. To change the grind setting, you simply turn the upper element. The scale offers 41 settings that are easy to read.
The grinder has only one on/off button. The device switches of automatically, when it "feels" there are no more coffee beans in the hopper.


The grinder is made of steel and aluminium. The design amazes by its simplicity. Elegant and minimalistic. It will catch your attention without dominating the interior. Truly beautiful and practical addition to your kitchen.
The motor used in the grinder is reasonably slow on purpose. It is not a drawback, but an advantage - it prevents coffee from overheating.
Container for grounded coffee was made from stainless steel. It prevents the static effect, so the coffee dust does not set on the kitchen counters. No mess included!


The lid of the coffee beans container is simultaneously a scale with LED display, which measurement accuracy is 0,1 g. It is compatible with a special app via Bluetooth. There you can find tips and recipes for extraordinary coffee developed by Tim himself.


Wilfa placed flat 58 mm stainless steel burrs in the grinder, which provide more precision than conical burrs. Thanks to that it allows you to get all of the richnessfrom the coffee.
It is very easy to access the burrs. All you need to do is to unscrew the top part of the grinder. It is easy to clean!