Christmas Pack Drip Decanter + Electric Kettle + Coffee


This pack includes everything needed to start enjoying filter coffee at home !

Included in this pack: 


The Drip Decanter delivers authentic coffee made stylishly. The dripper is based on the V60 cone shape. You can enjoy the ease of paper filter drip and the flavors of a cloth filter drip. The silicone band can be removed and washed. The dripper is designed to stand by itself.

The Electric Kettle has the shape of the Brewista kettle. It's an all electric kettle, with an analogue thermometer incorporated into the lid so you can easily tell the temperature of the water. Perfect stout spout for controlled accurate pouring for your favourite coffee or tea.
Main features: 1.2 L capacity, both analogue and electric thermometer, temperature in Fº or Cº, cord free usability.

El Palto (Perú)El Palto (Perú)
Kibingo (Burundi)Kibingo (Burundi)
Adado Washed (Ethiopia)Adado Washed (Ethiopia)
Santa Serra (Brazil)Santa Serra (Brazil)
Chambaku (Colombia)Chambaku (Colombia)
Huehuetenango (Guatemala)Huehuetenango (Guatemala)
Khalid Kemal (Ethiopia)Khalid Kemal (Ethiopia)
Jesus Estévez (Honduras)Jesus Estévez (Honduras)
Whole beansWhole beans
Grind for V60Grind for V60