Moka Pot 3 Cups + Coffee Kit


This starter kit allows you to discover specialty coffee through a Bialetti Moka Pot (3 Cups). In 1933, Alfonso Bialetti devised the brilliant idea of the unique, original Moka Express. An excellent example of Art Deco, the Moka has a design that has been perfected over the years to make this icon an increasingly ergonomic, elegant device, while maintaining the same functional features that have made it perfect in its simplicity: the collection chamber, octagonal aluminium boiler and unique, inspectable, easy to clean valve.


  • 1 Bialetti 3 Cups Moka Pot (Not suitable for use on induction plates )

  • 250gr Coffee Bag (Choose the Origin in the next step)

Asman Arianto (Indonesia)Asman Arianto (Indonesia)
Caekd Kivu (Congo)Caekd Kivu (Congo)
San Juan del Rio Coco (Nicaragua)San Juan del Rio Coco (Nicaragua)
Sereng AA (Kenya)Sereng AA (Kenya)
Wolichu Wachu Washed (Ethiopia)Wolichu Wachu Washed (Ethiopia)
Casa Calderón (Colombia)Casa Calderón (Colombia)
Whole beansWhole beans
Grinded for Moka potGrinded for Moka pot
Grind for Moka potGrind for Moka pot
€39,50 €35,00