V60 Brewing Kit + Coffee Pack


Start enjoying filter coffee at home, with this amazing pack.

Included in this pack:

  • V60 Brewing kit ( Red or Black
  • Coffee bag of your choice ( 250gr )

Discover the riches of pour over coffee with the Hario BPA Free Plastic V60 Brewing Kit. This kit features a plastic Hario V60 (02 size) with a red or black base and a 600 ml Hario Range Server, they key elements needed to brew and enjoy this coffee style. 40 paper filters are included. 

Mercedes Carranza (Peru)Mercedes Carranza (Peru)
Kibingo (Burundi)Kibingo (Burundi)
José Efrain Villada (Colombia)José Efrain Villada (Colombia)
Kerinci Washed (Indonesia)Kerinci Washed (Indonesia)
La Playa (Costa Rica)La Playa (Costa Rica)
Timbio (Colombia)Timbio (Colombia)
Kirinyaga AB (Kenya)Kirinyaga AB (Kenya)
Whole beansWhole beans
Grind for V60Grind for V60