V60 Double Mesh + Coffee Pack


This is the perfect pack for someone who wants to be introduced to filter coffee, without using paper filters.

Included in this pack:

> V60 Double mesh (size of your choice)
> Coffee bag of your choice (250gr) 

01 (1-2 cups)01 (1-2 cups)
02 (1-4 cups)02 (1-4 cups)
Mercedes Carranza (Peru)Mercedes Carranza (Peru)
Kibingo (Burundi)Kibingo (Burundi)
José Efrain Villada (Colombia)José Efrain Villada (Colombia)
Kerinci Washed (Indonesia)Kerinci Washed (Indonesia)
La Playa (Costa Rica)La Playa (Costa Rica)
Timbio (Colombia)Timbio (Colombia)
Kirinyaga AB (Kenya)Kirinyaga AB (Kenya)
Whole beansWhole beans
Grind for V60Grind for V60