Mini Slim PRO Grinder + Coffee Pack


This pack is the perfect gift for someone who wants to start drinking freshly grounded coffee at home.

Included in this pack:


With more capacity than the Slim or Mini-Slim Plus, this new Hario Mini Slim Pro manual grind is thin, with a light construction and a removable handle that makes it ideal both for home-use or travel. Fully adjustable grading, suitable for any brewing method.  Material: Stainless Steel and Ceramic Burrs.

Mercedes Carranza (Peru)Mercedes Carranza (Peru)
Kibingo (Burundi)Kibingo (Burundi)
José Efrain Villada (Colombia)José Efrain Villada (Colombia)
Kerinci Washed (Indonesia)Kerinci Washed (Indonesia)
La Playa (Costa Rica)La Playa (Costa Rica)
Timbio (Colombia)Timbio (Colombia)
Kirinyaga AB (Kenya)Kirinyaga AB (Kenya)