Skerton Pro Grinder + Coffee Kit


The perfect Kit for any coffee lover interested in starting to grind coffee at home.

The Hario Skerton was one of the first-hand coffee grinders that met the demands of specialty coffee. Skerton Pro is the next generation of that grinder.

It comes with a new solid cast handle, easier to crank, more stability around the burrs and a grind adjustment wheel under the burrs.


  • Skerton Pro Grinder

  • 250gr Coffee Bag of your choice

Caekd Kivu (Congo)Caekd Kivu (Congo)
Sereng AA (Kenya)Sereng AA (Kenya)
Asman Arianto (Indonesia)Asman Arianto (Indonesia)
San Juan del Rio Coco (Nicaragua)San Juan del Rio Coco (Nicaragua)
Casa Calderón (Colombia)Casa Calderón (Colombia)
Whole beansWhole beans
€65,00 €61,50