Drip Coffee Bags - Ready to brew


10 Ready-to-brew drip coffee bags - Good coffee evertime, everywhere! Get your Drip Coffee Can everywhere you go, get some hot water and enjoy! 


1. Open the drip bag following the signs.

2. Unfold the hangers, shake the bag slightly and place it over the cup.

3. Pour nice and slow 200 ml of hot water. (between 80º- 85º c.)

4. Remove the bag and enjoy!

Roasted and packed in Barcelona 

Coffee: Wolichu Wachu - Natural 

Origin: Ethiopia

Producer: Wolichu Wachu Washing Station

Altitude: 1900-2210 mnsm

Variety: Heirloom

Process: Natural

Notes: Tropical fruit, winey, sugar cane and clementine