Santa Serra (Brazil)


The producer-owned cooperative, COCARIVE (Cooperativa Reg Cafeicultores Vale do Rio Verde Ltda), help their smallholder member-farmers access export markets. Medium body and intense sweet notes are the highlights of this Santa Serra Pulped Natural, produced by many smallholder farmers across the regional designation of Mantiqueira de Minas. 

Origin: Brazil

Producer: Cocorive Cooperative

Altitude: 900-1500 mnsm

Variety: Yellow Bourbon, Yellow Catuai

Process: Pulped Natural

Notes: Cocoa, Milk Chocolate, Hazelnuts, Pear

Good for: Espresso

Whole beansWhole beans
Very fine grind (Espresso)Very fine grind (Espresso)
Fine grind (Moka pot)Fine grind (Moka pot)
Medium grind (Filter methods)Medium grind (Filter methods)
Coarse grind (French press)Coarse grind (French press)