San Isidro (Mexico)


This Mexico is the perfect example of an omniroast coffee, a bean carefully roasted both for Filter and Espresso. Produced by Oliverio Bulbarela De Meneghi in his San Isidro Farm, in Mexico, this Fully Washed Garnica variety bean grows at a 1450mnsm altitude where Oliveiro strives to maintain conservation techniques and management with controlled shade. 

Expect some Sugar cane, Vanilla, Cranberry Juice and Nougat notes. 

 Origin: Mexico

Producer: Oliverio Bulbarela De Meneghi

Altitude: 1450 mnsm

Variety: Garnica

Process: Fully Washed

Notes: Sugar cane, Vanilla, Cranberry Juice, Nougat

Good for: Filter and Espresso

Whole beansWhole beans
Very fine grind (Espresso)Very fine grind (Espresso)
Fine grind (Moka pot)Fine grind (Moka pot)
Medium grind (Filter methods)Medium grind (Filter methods)
Coarse grind (French press)Coarse grind (French press)