Nensebo (Ethiopia)


The combination of high altitude, abundant sunshine, unique and indigenous landrace varieties all contribute to Nensebo, Sidamo’s well-deserve reputation for producing a clean, sweet and floral cup. 
Owned by Negusse Debela, Refisa washing station in Nensebo, Sidamo produces coffees that live up to Sidamo’s reputation for producing a clean, sweet and floral cup.
Farmers hand harvest cherry and deliver it to Refisa washing station. At intake, cherry is visually sorted and then pulped in the station’s disc pulper. Coffee is fermented and then washed in clean water. Workers lay the parchment on raised beds. Parchment is raked frequently to ensure even drying. It takes approximately 8 to 10 days for parchment to dry.

Origin: Ethiopia

Producer: Smallholders delivering to Refisa wet mill

Altitude: 1850-2000 mnsm

Variety: Local landraces

Process: Fully Washed

Notes: Caramel, Clementine, Honey, Bergamot, Black Tea

Good for: Espresso

Whole beansWhole beans
Very fine grind (Espresso)Very fine grind (Espresso)
Fine grind (Moka pot)Fine grind (Moka pot)
Medium grind (Filter methods)Medium grind (Filter methods)
Coarse grind (French press)Coarse grind (French press)