Amapola Tarrazu SHB (Costa Rica)


This SHB EP Fully washed lot from Tarrazú is named for the amapola, a local name for hibiscus, tropical flower that paints the countryside in vibrant shades of reds and pinks when they bloom in late summer.

Tarrazú is probably the most famous coffee region of central Costa Rica. The nearby Pirris river provides water to the highland region, making it perfect for coffee production and other types of agriculture. The mountains are part of the Talamanca Sierra, which runs through Costa Rica and Panama. 

Origin: Costa Rica

Producer: Various farmers in Tarrazu, San Jose

Altitude: 1400-1500 mnsm

Variety: Caturra

Process: Fully Washed

Notes: Dark cocoa, cherries, brown sugar and apple

Good for: Espresso

Whole beansWhole beans
Very fine grind (Espresso)Very fine grind (Espresso)
Fine grind (Moka pot)Fine grind (Moka pot)
Medium grind (Filter methods)Medium grind (Filter methods)
Coarse grind (French press)Coarse grind (French press)