Adado Natural (Ethiopia)


Farms delivering to Adado washing station cultivate coffee in Yirgacheffe. All the things we know make for great coffee are here in Yirgacheffe because Arabica evolved to flourish in Yirgacheffe’s climate. Combine all that with quality-focused processing at Adado Washing Station and you have the original recipe for great coffee. This Natural from Adado is delightfully floral with rich berry notes and a complex sweetness.

Origin: Ethiopia

Producer: Adado Washing Station

Altitude: 1795-2150 mnsm

Variety: Jarc Varieties - Local landrances

Process: Natural

Notes: Strawberry, Floral, Milk Chocolate and Papaya

Good for: Filter and Espresso

Whole beansWhole beans
Very fine grind (Espresso)Very fine grind (Espresso)
Fine grind (Moka pot)Fine grind (Moka pot)
Medium grind (Filter methods)Medium grind (Filter methods)
Coarse grind (French press)Coarse grind (French press)