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What does single-origin coffee mean?


20.10.2021 -

By Maher Mansour

If you like coffee, we mean good coffee, then you must have heard these two words: single-origin. The only coffee we source and purpose at Syra, why?

Every bean comes with a story

Single origin coffee is all about quality, taste, experience, sustainability, ethics, conscious consumption, and empowerment. Behind every cup of coffee we serve, there's a story that stretches across cultures, communities, and all the way down to the individual. From every small farm we source our coffee from, we learn about the family or the community that owns it, the characteristics of the land where the fruit grows, the "taste" of the country, its seasons, size, amount of trees, growers working on its fields, process, and, most importantly, the social and environmental initiatives the farm owners take.

Single-origin coffee is exclusive premium coffee

Calling out the elephant in the room: single-origin coffees are a bit more expensive than blends, but for easily justified reasons: there is one and one only specific product on the market in this exact season, and it cannot be found anywhere else, in any other moment. Even, the same coffee from this season of this exact farm, will taste different compared to last year. We pay for exclusivity, for the uniqueness of the cup, which makes it much more valuable.

Single-origin means recognition

We give recognition to the job of farmers at origin and everyone who put some effort in one way or another throughout the long journey. Looking at the details of each of our coffee bags, our customers get to learn about the coffee they are consuming in depth: origin, producers, altitude, variety, process, and notes. 

And don't let the word "expensive" throw you off. With our prices, it's still less than €1 per cup - cheaper, better, and tastier than your average neighborhood cafe!

Find all the information you need about our coffees here!

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