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What does single-origin coffee mean?

by Mattia Conte - Head Roaster/Coffee Manager

If you like coffee, I mean, good coffee, you must have heard, read and read again these two words: single-origin. In Syra we only propose Single-Origin coffees, but why? 

Did you actually stop to really know what does it mean? Two simple words but with a very big meaning. In this little article, we would like to give you some information about it, and hopefully to make you more interested and conscious in what we buy and drink every day.

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It all goes to transparency, to the information that the buyers at origin can get, to the roasters when profiling, knowing altitude, variety, and obviously, to the everyday customer that really enjoys that particular brew and now he/she can know why!

Knowing all of this, obviously has an impact in the cup, and how a “country” could taste like.

Given a high altitude coffee from Ethiopia, we know already what kind of flavor notes we could expect, as well as when having an espresso of Brasil. All these details develop preferences and refine our taste.

Also, needs to be mentioned, single-origin coffees are more expensive than blends, but I guess the reasons come easy: there is one and one only specific product on the market in this exact season, and it cannot be found anywhere else, in any other moment. Even, this same coffee of this season of this exact farm, can taste different compared to last year. We pay for exclusivity, for the uniqueness of this cup and it needs to be valued.

We give recognition to the job of farmers at origin and everyone who put some effort in one way or another along the long journey.

Sum all of of these factors and that’s why our cup it’s a bit more expensive, but hey, the taste makes it worth the extra cents.

All our coffees are single-origin, shop now