We started Syra Coffee in  Barcelona during the summer 2015 as a hole-in-the wall specialty coffee-shop with a simple purpose, changing people's bad habits on coffee. As a very small team with big ambitions, we believed since the day one on the power of small changes to build a unbelievable experience for each customer. 



Syra Coffee is about spreading love with coffee. Through this amazing fruit we democratize the good coffee around us


Cupping, testing, training and enjoying with coffee. Syra Coffee is about learning with passion about how a fruit can motivate a day with only a few sips. For us drinking coffee is not only a formality, but an experience. This is why we care so much with each step, going from the choice of each origin, through our daily training or cupping the best fresh milk to match with the next coffee in the menu.


Today, Syra Coffee would never be born without a confluence of innumerable influences from all over the world. We are deeply in love with our hometown Barcelona from where we are,  where resides the mix of roots, cultures, and traditions that defines us today.